7 Types of Dress Every Woman Should Own

7 Types of Dress Every Woman Should Own

Someone was right to say that shopping is an art! If most of you out there don’t believe it, just look at the unwanted clothes you have in your closet. We believe that every woman’s wardrobe should have a few essentials that fit almost all kinds of occasions. If you have a collection that doesn’t include large quantity, but clothes of good quality and style, you are so much sorted than you thought!

Are you confused on how to build that section in your wardrobe? Here are a few examples to brief you with:

The 7 Dresses Every Woman Should Have

  1.    A Sheath Dress – If you are a working person, having a sheath dress in your wardrobe is highly recommended. It’s one of those elegant dresses that will make you confident, smart and so much presentable. You can always count on this dress if you have an after-work party to attend to!

  1.    Off the shoulder Dress – This is one extremely flattering dress you should definitely consider wearing at least once in your life. These are really simple, yet pretty looking dresses that give you a casual look any time of the day.

  1.    7 Types of Dresses Every Woman Should OwnA Midi Dress – You can never go wrong with a midi dress because it's such a perfect balance of not-too-short and not-too-long length. The best part is, it suits any body type and is highly recommended to have one in the closet.

  1.   7 Types of Dresses Every Woman Should Own A Lace Dress – If you love laces, you’d love to have one of these for sure. Imagine the beautiful lacy feel on the skin that sits gorgeously on the body. You can wear it for any occasion and turns heads.

  1.    7 Types of Dresses Every Woman Should OwnA Shift Dress – These are the usual dresses that makes you comfortable any day. You can take this along with you on a trip, because they go with just about anything you want. Also, you can use it for formal purposes by pairing it with a blazer as well.

  1.   7 Types of Dresses Every Woman Should Own A Little Black Dress – Having a black dress in your closet is like magic. You can wear it on any occasion without worrying about how it’ll look. Be it an event, a party, a wedding, a funeral or any occasion, you’re all set.

  1.   7 Types of Dresses Every Woman Should Own A Floral Dress – When you have an assortment of so many clothes, why not a beautiful chic floral dress too? It does the dressy and casual both at the same time. Summers or not, you can use this one for a casual party too (even in the winter).

These seven wardrobe essentials aren’t just for someone who needs to save time, but it’s for everyone who is looking out for spending on things that make sense. A perfect little black dress, maxi dress, a wrap dress, lace dress, long summer dresses, one A-line dress, a sheath dress, and many such are great to own. But while we know that having all of them is probably not possible, you can choose what suits you best and have only those in your collection.

"Fashion is what you're offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose."

~ Lauren Hutton

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