7 Amazing Little Black Dresses Every Woman Should Own


There is something about little black dresses that interests almost all women in the world. Every woman undoubtedly have the potential of buying one of those beautiful black dresses, in whatever form of their choice. Black dresses are such comforting and unfailing fashion piece that can change your dress style, as per the occasion.

If you don’t have a single little black dress in your closet, it’s time you already did. Here are seven types of black dresses you can choose from, the next time you go shopping.

7 Black Dresses for Your Closet


  1. Black Slip Dress – If you are someone who loves to wear casuals more often, you will like the look of this one. A black slip dress is effortless. You can pair it with sneakers or sandals and also accessories to adorn yourself. Some prefer jackets over these slips to feel more comfortable, but it can be worn as it is for parties too.

  2. Black Sheath Dresses – Unlike the shift dresses, the sheath dress provides you with more definition to your body. A black sheath dress is just the right amount of elegance you need for formal occasions. Pairing it with nice pumps and a formal sling bag will add few more points to it. These dresses are really comfortable and can be worn morning through evening.

  3. Black Maxi Dress – When you want to relax on your day off and spend some time out, throwing on a casual black maxi dress is what you should do. These kind of maxi dresses are an all-rounder, providing you with a glamorous look, a casual look and a beach look altogether. Also, it’s super comfortable!
  4. Black Shirt Dress – Black shirt dresses are such a glam look. You can pull it off at formal parties or even at work. These black dresses with sleeves (long or short) are the perfect choice for any woman, and a must add to the closet. You can pair them with a nice belt, a formal clutch and a elegant pair of heels.
  5. Black Bodycon Dress – Who doesn’t want to flaunt a good curve at a party? If you are bold and confident about wearing a Bodycon dress, pick a black one. It is going to fit you so well and so effortlessly; you’ll love being in it for all those hours.
  6. Black Lace Dress – Some go crazy over lace dresses. If you are one among those, you’d love a lace dress in black, even more. Reason being, contrasting colour to that of your skin tone always gives a covert look. Lacy dresses are always a win, for both casual and formal occasions.

  7. Black Jumpsuit – Like we keep saying, black is flexible enough to provide you with a casual as well as a formal look. One such attire is a black jumpsuit. You can consider this among dresses every woman should own, given how comfortable it is.


“You can wear black at any time. You can wear it at any age. You may wear it for almost any occasion; a ‘little black frock’ is essential to a woman’s wardrobe.”


~ Christian Dior

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